we now have hats and scarves for children too

we now have hats and scarves for children too

Check out the new page on our website showing hats and scarves for children.
Some of these match our cardigans and jumpers, so you can buy the whole set, while we are also now making some really fruity designs - orange, strawberry, aubergine, apple and pineapple.

"Is an aubergine a fruit?" you ask. Like a tomato, we often don't think of it as a fruit, but it contains it's own seeds so technically it is a fruit!

Ladies capes and shawls added.

Ladies capes and shawls added.

For a while we have been selling capes and shawls for ladies in our Greenwich shop, and they have been really popular. So now I have added them onto our website for customers who can't get to the shop. There are eight colours in the capes, and seven in the shawls, and we have more on the way from Peru on our next order arriving in a couple of weeks. 

Both are an alpaca/acrilyc mix (50/50) and come in one size - which in practice fit most sizes from 10 up to about 18.

New designs for the New Year!

We had a great trip to Peru over Christmas - enjoying the local food and hospitality AND work on new designs for the Spring:
 - we are tweaking the dinosaur design with more colour and different dinosaurs
 - two new dress designs will be coming, featuring organic cotton and traditional Peruvian fabrics
 - there will be a new cardigan for girls featuring cats
 - and also a cardigan with funny birds on it
 - finally for the boys we are are bringing back our popular Admiral jumper with a nautical theme
These new designs will be with us early February, so I will add them to...


Sorry folks, we have now closed our website for Christmas.
We will be re-opening in January with new designs for 2016 and the Spring.

Wishing all our customers a Happy Christmas,

United Ideas

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The renovation of Greenwich Market is now half way there, and we have a new roof and new floor outside at our end of the market. It has been a difficult few months with machinery, noise and dust outside our shop all the time, so thanks to our customers who have stuck with us and put up with the disruption - and negotiated the obstacle course to make it to our shop door!
Now we have daylight outside, and things are starting to look up in Greenwich.